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Co-Headteachers' warm welcome

Claire Regnard and Carrie Christer started their joint role at Salfords Primary School at the beginning of term and have received a warm welcome from staff, pupils at parents from their first week.

They have worked together before as Co-Headteachers of another Epsom school and the pair have also both previously worked within the GLF.

“Salfords is a thriving primary school which works closely with the whole community; together the children and staff aim for excellence, kindness, courage and respect across everything that we do,” they said.

“The children seem to be enjoying having two headteachers and have been very welcoming. They are always eager to speak to us and share their ideas and thoughts with us both. Our job share proves that two heads are better than one.”

Working a split week, both headteachers are delighted to be part of the GLF family which offers support and provides a range of high class services to support the outcome for all pupils.

“The staff and children give 100 per cent and it has been exciting and a pleasure getting to know them all and the wider school community. We are glad to be part of this new journey and are keen to see Salfords continue to grow, learn and flourish,” they said.

Both headteachers said they know how important the local community is in the continued success of the school and they aim to continue the good work of Salfords respecting and supporting the community it serves

“It is a privilege to lead in the role of headteacher. ‘Be Your Best’ is the motto of Salfords and we will strive to give of our best for the good of the school.”