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Welcome to Blackbirds!

Miss Standring here! I'm so glad to be teaching in Year 2 this year, its going to be a busy time for us all so this website will be a useful place to help to keep you  and your child organised.


Welcome to Blackbirds!
Miss Standring here! We have had a great start to the year and I cannot believe we're almost half way through. We have packed in so much great learning in Blackbirds and the best is yet to come!
Reminder about Planners
The children use their planners daily in school to record all the great reading they do with adults so please remind chidlren to bring them in.  Reading is very important, so please remember to read daily at home and record this in the planner.  The planner can also be used to write any messages to the adults if you do not drop off or pick up.
Curriculum for Spring
We will be using Where the Wild Things are to drive our writing forwards. We have learnt the story off by heart and will be writing character descriptions, fact files about our own made up Wild Things and poems about Max's journey.  We are currently re-writing the story to include our own setting and exciting event.  Please come and take a look at some of our writing down the Year 2 corridor. 
This half term we will be developing our understanding of number and focusing on the four operations and fractions.  We will also be learning to the tell the time to the nearest five minutes and exploring 2D and 3D shape properties.
History and Geography
We will be using the story of Where the Wild Things are to learn about drawing maps and creating keys for them.  We will be making sure we understand the four compass points and can write a route for someone to follow, using them.
This half term we have been learning about living things and their habitats.  We have explored world habitats and then zoomed in to look at local habitats.  Again, we have linked in our story of Where the Wild Things are and thought about how animals adapt to suit where they live.  We have been exploring our animals and plants depend on each other, and soon we will be learning about food chains.  
PE is on a Monday afternoon. Please make sure that your child has a clean PE kit for that day including t-shirt, shorts, jogging bottoms, trainers and socks.  The children will be alternating between having Dance in the hall with me and Games outside with Mr Welch.
We will be learning how to programme a Beebot into following a set route and learning how to write this down.  We will be exploring routes Max could take on the island where the Wild Things live.  This links really nicely to the geography learning we have been doing.  We will also be learning how to share the great learning we are doing with the rest of the school by using an offline social notice board along the Year 2 corridor. Keep your eye out for what we will be "bellowing" about next!
Art and Design
We will be exploring collaging techniques and collecting different materials, natural and man-made, to create a layered collage of the forest floor.  We will be trying to recreate the inside front cover of the book Where the Wild Things Are.  Please come and see our fantastic art work along the Year 2 corridor. Next, we will be using printing techniques to replicate the inside front cover using different leaf shape sponges.  
We will be learning about Muslims this half term and exploring what a Mosque looks like.  We will be tying in our value of respect by learning how Muslims show respect within a Mosque.  We will be learning who Allah is and exploring some of his 99 names.  
Home learning
The children receive new spellings on a Tuesday, n their planner, and these are taken from the government issued spelling list.  The children are tested on a Monday in their planner.  Home learning is issued on a Thursday and due in on a Wednesday.  Their home learning is issued on an alternate week basis.  They will come home with Maths home learning one week, which is to be completed in their blue homework book.  Then the following week they will come home with their new CGP revision guides for spelling, grammar and punctuation AND reading.  The children will come home with a slip of paper each week stating what their home learning task is.  If there is a problem completing any home learning, please do come and speak to me.  Any home learning not completed on time, will be completed during lunch time.  We also expect every child to read every day at home and for it to be recorded in the planner.
 If you have any questions at all please come and see me after school or on the playground before the day begins.
Wishing you a lovely Spring term,
 Miss Standring

Your new planner!

In Bullfinches we have loved looking at all the useful new pages of your planner. Remember to practise those spellings. We will have a spelling test on Monday before lunch and new words will be given out too. You can keep up to date on your child's prgress as the tests are done in the planner too.

Please practise throughout the week using the Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check way. There are details in the and handy videos on YouTube for how to do this.

Also keep track of your reading with your child in the spaces provided. We will check this as often as possible and sign it. We will also write any comments we need to share.

This Term

Autumn Term 2016

Children return to school - Tuesday 6 September 2016

Half Term - Monday 24 October - Friday 28 October 2016

Term Ends - Tuesday 20 December 2016 (12.10 collection time)


PE is on a Monday afternoon. Please make sure that your child has a clean Pe kit for that day including t-shirt, shorts, trainers and socks (espeically important).


We will be looking heavily at narritive/story writing this year, out first story is Grandad's Island. As an alternative to a bedtime story, try asking your child to tell you the story of Grandad's Island.


This half term we will be focussing on the properties of a number and partitioning and the four operations ( addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

History and Geography

As part of our Rocking Rio topic we are focusing on the history of the Olympics: from a month ago to over two thousand years ago.

In geography this term we are focussing on map skills, thinking about directions of a compass and  learning how to read maps in the context of our school, Ancient Greece and Rio de Janeiro


The children will learn about the  germination process of some common plants. We will also be planting and monitoring the growth of bulbs and seeds.


This term the children are focussing on using a computer for themselves and using the LEXIA reading program to practise reading and phonics on the computer.

Art and Design

We will be mixing colour to create full colour wheels of complimentary colours.

We shall also be exploring tints, tones and shades within independent work to develop our brushing skills.


We will be investigating the    celebration of harvest.

Looking at how and why it is  celebrated in the United Kingdom and organising our own assembly to mark the occasion.



If you have any questions at all please come and see my after school or on the playground before the day begins.

Wishing you a lovely Autumn term, Miss Standring

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